Part II

As a follow-on to yesterdays article... Recommend you read it first..

There is one other very big issue that I have seen develop in the 'prepper' or survival community... and a very dangerous one... 

That danger? We, ourselves.

There are two primary reasons and I will touch on both.


I talk to a lot of people, am asked to train and consult by a whole lot of them, by groups, projects and so forth. There are two things that stand out and the first one is how many people seem to think that having a year or maybe even two years of 'supplies' put in the basement sets them up just fine.

In other words, they put some gear, food and other items they read about in storage and follow all the lists and recommendations and then forget about it or pretty much take the stance that now that they have some stuff put away, they are done and don't have a thing to worry about.

I also see and hear people talk about how they doubt they would ever need that 'much' food to live on especially for that much of time.. i.e. things will be much better and/or the government will have gotten things back on track long before I go through 2 years of food, is what I hear more times than you can imagine.

On the other side of the coin are the other types that store 10 years worth of food, 100,000 rounds of ammo, 200 guns, and 10,000 gallons of water.

WHY? What in God's name are they thinking?

Two extremes, both wrong.

In the first one, in a nationwide or global event, there is no way to know how long the SHTF will be. You cannot put away just a year or two with the expectation that all will be fine and good by the time you run out of what you stored... What happens if the 'event' lasts 3 years? Or 4? 

What is the long term survival plan? It is amazing how many people give me that look of utter ... huh?

And on the other side, those that store inordinate amounts of stuff... What? What the hell are they thinking? Do they plan on supplying anyone and everyone that shows up at their doorstep? Leaving mounds of supplies for some large gang that forces them to retreat thereby handing them thousands of rounds of ammo, lots more weapons and food to sustain their rampage?

And oddly, these are the same people that seem to think they have the means to hold off scavengers, thugs, gangs and anyone else that attempts to take what they have..... REGARDLESS of numbers, tactics, training etc.

For some reason they seem to believe that those 200 guns, 100,000 rounds of ammo and 10 years of food are going to make them invincible against 1000 marauders (heck forget 1000 thugs.. let's just say 100 of them all coming at you at the same time - oh yea and from ALL directions.. not just the front where you set up nice steel plate shields and sandbags against such an attack... because we know they will only attack from the front.. right?) that bum rush the house while firing their weapons at YOU, yourself and maybe a few family members.

And even when you try to point out this to them, they are adamant they will have no problem holding off the hoards no matter how many rush them at once..

In both of these cases, these people need to seriously rethink... how they think.

In the first case, they need to be thinking long term. They need to be thinking from a day to day living perspective NOT a 'survival' perspective. That is one of the mistakes so many people out there are making.. they look at this as a "survival" thing. Not as a way of life.... which is what it WILL be. The same kind of life our ancestors lived each day.. a normal day of living just without modern convenience..

And THAT is how anyone that is prepared should be looking at all this. I keep about 2 years of "emergency" food and supplies. But none of that is for use from day one of a SHTF situation. Nope, it is just in case it gets so bad that my day to day way of LIVING becomes a problem... If the seeds do not sprout, if weather patterns change and I have to build a hydroponics area or greenhouse, if animals die off due to disease and so on...

Emergency food stores should be just that.. Emergency food stores. Not something you dig into the moment an SHTF event happens.

And whole lot of people are not understand that out there. Planning for survival means planning to live every day a normal life as you would normally do in a self sufficient manner on your own. Planning for YOUR needs on a day to day basis to live and stay alive. That is how you actually plan and put together a viable path toward surviving.

Food, clothing, fuel, seeds... tools, hygiene... all of that. You can only stash away so much.. But what happens when your stash is gone? Do you plan on turning to looting yourself? And by then what will remain to even loot?

The second type of person is the over stock, over zealous and over confident pack rat. And so far in everyone I have met, while they had stores for 10 years or more, they had NO PLAN and NO stores for anything past that.. i.e. seeds, tools, etc etc..

But more so, as I mentioned before, was this 'expectation' that they would be just fine sitting it out hunkered down in their rural house and they would be able to handle anything that came their way.

I can tell you this. You can have a nice little fenced in compound of say 50 people all armed up and raring to go. You can have your watch standers, some nice weapons.. even a .50 cal or two.

and I can take 6 of my people, just six. One vehicle. our own choice of weapons. And in an hour I will own your complex and leave no one alive.

The good news? I am one of the good guys. I will and do help people (why do you think I have this group?) because I have not only the knowledge but the actual real world, hands on done it for real background.

BUT there are also others out there trained like me that will turn to the dark side. They will sell that to the highest bidder OR just start their own little group of marauders that take what they want since there will be no one to stop them.

Don't get me wrong. There are ways to plan for even that and ways to defend it. (that's where someone like me who consults and teaches comes in)

But for the most part, the ones that store a couple hundred guns, 100,000 rounds of ammo etc etc.. they just 'think' they will be able to handle it with a few 'training' sessions in the back yard, shooting a few thousand rounds of ammo at paper targets and wearing some camo that makes them look bad ass.

Now, I don't know a lot of you in my group here. So I cannot and will not categorize any of you. YOU have to do that. YOU have to ask yourself, what category do YOU fit in? And what will it take for you to fix it?

But that is not all..

Part 2. 

the second HUGE thing I am seeing happen.. and it is MUCH more prevalent than you would ever think or imagine.

The problem? romanticism.

This mentality that a SHTF scenario is something to actually "look forward" to! That you actually WANT it to happen!

You would not believe how many people out there actually fantasize about the SHTF by whatever means. They actually look forward to the day, pine for it to happen and hope beyond hope it comes soon.. They live for the day when the SHTF.

I was shocked and amazed at how many people I found have this very mentality.

And it is very common for these people to look at a SHTF event as something right out of most of the dystopian disaster novels you can read.

The SHTF. You find yourself having to make your way back to your home where your wife and children wait your return with bated fear.

Or you are a single middle aged guy that just wants to get either home or to a 'good' friends place where you will all hunker down and survive the impending doom.

As you make your way across country, you have to fight and kill those that try to take your meager backpack you thoughtfully packed with you on whatever trip you were on. You find small pockets of good people that help in some cases or turn out to be cannibals in others.. all in the first 48 hours of course.

If you are the single guy, invariably, you come across a beautiful stunning woman being attacked by ruthless thugs. You gallantly step in and save her life after which she falls head over heels in love with you and grants your every desire with her perfect body, great intellect and obvious intelligence to go with the green eyes, long hair and perfect body.

Eventually you make it to your destination, the hero's return.

Now you plant the garden. Setup your awesome defenses. Plan your watch standing. Teach everyone how to have perfect aim and use every weapon perfectly. Of course during this you are attacked during which you kill all the attackers with mostly head shots. None of your family or the people in your group panic, none of them miss but a few of their shots, they all are able to perfectly grasp the nuances of combat, tactics thereby thwarting all attempts by the thugs to flank, out move or otherwise gain entry and over run you.

After it is over, you take all their weapons, none of them seriously damaged of course, and put them in your arsenal regardless of whether you even have ammo or parts for them.

The women cook a great 10 course meal of meats, veges and home cooked pies of which you all eat with ravishing hunger.

Later, as someone takes the first watch, you too finally head to bed where your wife (or the ravishing woman you saved) makes love to you like never before as if nothing were wrong and with a smile on her face as you cater to her every desire in turn.

The next morning you rise to a hot cup of coffee, home cooked breakfast, and a day doing things around the homestead to prepare for... well, whatever I guess.

No attacks today, so a rinse and repeat of last night where you sleep soundly as if all is well and the world is right...

YES, believe it or not.. that is how a whole lot of people look at a SHTF situation. Of course there are the counters to that that also look forward to it but for nefarious and evil reasons... but no less romantic in their heads.

And now.. REALITY people... What REALLY will happen.

When the SHTF you are, at first, going to be in denial. You will think someone is pulling a prank or what you are seeing/hearing is not real and probably some TV show or movie.

Even as your subconscious does start to make you realize it could be real, you will try to reason it out. You will try to find a way to explain what is happening or even try to rationalize that you are seeing something that is not there.. or reading into something that is really not that bad...

But eventually for those of us that stop for a moment and think, it will become a reality and we will recognize it for what it really is.

And then, yes, we will panic. Even we will suddenly have a moment of utter panic.. and disbelief. This cannot be real? Can it? No..... come on.. and you will panic some more while still trying to deny it.

From there, each person will then react based on their own mentality. And that no one can know until it happens to them.

In the coming days, the extent of the event and SHTF will become known. For this sake, let's use an EMP strike.. Whether solar, terrorist or some country matters not.. let's just use that for this discussion though.

In 3-4 days, most people will finally start to realize this is more serious than anything before. Most will STILL have faith the government IS coming and WILL fix it. But more and more will start to realize something has changed and is very very wrong. And they will really start to panic because at that point they have NO idea what to do or even how to do it.. and no where to go except right where they are now.

7-10 days, full on panic, chaos, killing, raping, looting and rampaging is now the way of life. Screams, gunshots, fire.. will be the norm.

You will see bodies in the street, many already bloating, many still bleeding out or lying in puddles of blood riddled with injuries of various types.

And the smell. It will be the most god awful thing you cannot even imagine. You think a dead animal smells bad? That is nothing compared to the smell of a dead human being. And there will be bodies all over the place. There will be pieces and parts, there will be ripped apart bodies, there will be limbs, there will be intestines and guts and flies and rodents. And there will be the smell.

There will be flies and garbage. There will be trash, vehicles, and just stuff. Homes will be burnt out or every window broken, doors open. Every now and then, screams and gunshots will be in the distance... or maybe even closer. Every smell, every sight, every sound... you will know it.. you will feel it to your inner core and it will be unlike anything you can ever, ever imagine.. and even worse.

There will be animals, dogs, cats, wild animals. And they will all be going feral after a few weeks.. What used to be the family pet will have started to revert to animal nature and instinct to survive. And at some point, that will turn to a point where man becomes a meal just like any other prey.

And you? You will be terrified. Your fear will be at such a level it will literally reek from your pores. Every thing, every sound, every movement.. your panic will notch up even more.

You will become fearful of everyone and every thing. You will not think clearly. You will make irrational decisions because your fear, your terror will be consuming you.

There won't be showers and toilets. No running water and soap. You won't have nice sit down warm comfy meals. At night you won't sleep in a nice clean sheet bed with the AC running.

No, you will sleep in the most dark, hidden dank smelly spot you can find that will keep you hidden away from anything and everything.. praying it will provide you some measure of safety from those that prey in the night. You won't care if it is in what used to be someones house, in a back alley or even in a trash bin. You won't care.

If you are still home, you will sleep in a bed with sheets that are filthy from weeks of sweat from the heat of the day and the fear from your body. And it will smell.. bad. Even then you will not truly sleep. Every little sound in the darkness that you cannot see will cause you to jump and wake expecting to be suddenly attacked.

The days will be spent trying to just get through it. Rumors will abound.

The chinese.. or maybe the russians. No it is north korea.. wait it is all of them together.. they have invaded. They are bombing large groups of people with nerve gas.

But there is another rumor.. the government.. our own government safe in their bunkers... they have FEMA and DHS taking people away and putting them in camps and forcing them to work as slave labor killing those that are too weak, crippled or try to fight back

... more information... our government is working WITH the chinese and russians.. corrupt politicians have made deals allowing this to happen.

oh the smell... and that screaming I keep hearing.. someone in so much pain.. I wish it would just stop.. go away.. I cannot take it anymore... Wait.. someone is coming.. omg, they have a tank... what do I do.. they see me.. I have to get away.... but what about... my family.. if I go that way I will be caught... no they are dead already... I cannot save them.. I cannot do anything and must leave them behind...

I find a house that looks looted.. I will hide in here for the night... there is a body no the floor that looks like it is partially eaten, entrails all over the floor.. but the smell isn't so bad.. I can stay here, just tonight... I can leave when it is safe....

THIS is reality...

Today's Article.. Survival: Survival... period....

NOTE:   This is a two part series.. Part II follows Part I...

This article is probably not for the faint of heart... Because I explain some (oh yes, there is a whole lot more than what I mention in this article) of exactly how it will be.. and some of you may not yet realize.. This IS what reality will become.. So read and think about it.. seriously...

I was thinking about some things while picking out of the garden. And I realized I had changed lately in a way that I don't like.

I realized that I don't really worry about money or things or even some things I like... i.e. will the Green Bay Packers get to the Super Bowl, will family all be here for Christmas etc etc.. like I used to think and worry... it has all changed.... and today, I realized it as if someone had dropped a brick on my head.

Nope.. I realized my way of thinking has changed AND I realized why.

And sadly, I bet I am not alone.

You see, I realized while I was picking stuff in the garden that what I was most worried about was whether we would get through another winter before the SHTF from whatever we all know is going to come. Of course no one knows whether it will be some major event, terrorist act or space event but we do know that whatever it is, it will ALSO send our economy into complete and utter collapse.. which in turn will pretty much turn the cities into chaos.

For me to realize that I am more worried about getting through another winter BEFORE it happens, stopped me in my tracks... literally. 

I stood there for a bit trying to figure out when my way of thinking had seriously changed to this point.. And I decided it happened probably around 2012 for me right after the Earth was nearly decimated by that huge solar flare and CME even the government conveniently kept secret until last year... you know the one that would have put us back in the stone age and probably killed millions... 

(for those that do not know what I am talking about, look up the information regarding us nearly having an extinction level event on 21 July 2012. There are now numerous OFFICIAL NASA documents, and government statements you can google about the event.. this is not a conspiracy in itself, rather the event did actually occur as proven now by the governments own admission in their press releases from last year. A solar event that nearly did our planet in which governments hid from the entire world - I knew about it due to being based at a site designed and constructed for just such an event)

Anyhow, As I stood there thinking about it, I realized this is not the way things are supposed to be. It is not the way things used to be.

We are living in a time where most people have this 'feeling', this 'instinct' that something is very wrong.. and something very bad is 'coming'. We don't know what exactly, but we as a species can 'feel' it in our very core. At least I do and every single person I personally know, family, friends, neighbors, have ALL said the same thing without me even saying anything first...

And so now, instead of worrying or thinking about what I used to, now I think about hopefully getting through another winter before it happens. Because mark my words, IF the SHTF during winter... Well, a lot more people are going to die not because they did not prepare... but because they did not consider the seasons nor the area they are living in and how much it DOES change during winter months.

For me, it is obvious being in Wisconsin. But what about someone in Kentucky? Or Georgia? Places it usually does not snow a whole lot and freeze solid like it does here... yet places we have seen over the last few years having major oddities in weather patterns during the winter?

Obviously I have planned fully thanks to my military training in Arctic survival. So it is not actually the weather that is the worry, specifically... No, it is the actions of our own government during it for our government and we military are very aware that it is during winter when people would be at their most vulnerable state. I.E. heat, food, unfrozen water. Not counting other things like shelter and clothing of course...

What better time to exert control over a population but during winter when there is even less resources easily available to the masses?

For those of you that live in the city, you may seriously need to sit down and reconsider everything.

We often hear and read stories that talk about how people in the city and suburbs have 9 meals to starvation, how stores will be empty in 24 hours due to our current 'just in time' supply system, and how those people have no clue how or where to get water when the faucets are turned off.

That's bad. But now imagine it in the dead of winter!

How many city and suburban families have ready sources of firewood and a place to burn that wood? How many have other sources of unfrozen water? And how many of them even have the CLOTHES for actual arctic living day to day?

Sure they have a coat or two, some mittens and maybe a hoodie or cap.. But that is NOT survival gear.. that is your head out of the house, heat up the car, drive to wherever, rush inside and do it all over again to stay warm clothing.. In some cases it is a little better where it is grab your skiing clothing, hit the hills for the weekend and get back home to the warmth and comfort throwing those things back in the closet for next year.

Either way, NONE of that stuff is rugged enough to last or survive truly trying to survive in the winter. None of it. 

In fact, it is not good enough to get you OUT of the city to even try to find a place to survive rural.

You would think I should be one that is the least concerned being I have planned and am prepared for arctic survival. Yet, that nagging worry sticks with me and it will not go away... that nagging feeling that IF the SHTF would happen during the winter months, it will be much worse than any of us can imagine...

I know why. I do know why I feel this way.

It is because I have seen the worst humanity has and is when things fall apart. Whether Africa, Philippines (in the early 80's, today not so bad), Iraq/Afghanistan, parts of Europe, South America.. and some other places I have been.... I have seen what humans become when things go bad.

A lot of people think we will all turn and help one another and so on.. Well, yes, for the first 7 days perhaps. But after that, when things really start to settle in and hit.. hunger, dehydration, dysentery and other problems.... THEN people will turn on each other and become something they normally would not be.

Only those of us with family, local friends and neighbors who ARE truly friends and neighbors like you find in rural communities, will stand together. But those places like HOA suburbia... Yea.. well good luck with that when the HOA president comes a knocking demanding everyone share what they have with everyone else.

And even when you tell the HOA president to take his martial law edict and shove it, you can bet he will be back this time with some of his cronies carrying guns to take what you have because HE thinks he is in charge being the HOA president and you a meek law abiding must follow his orders citizen.

He will demand entry to your home as if your rights as a person, your home as you dwelling matter not.. not to mention the Constitution of course. No, suburbia will be your worst nightmare.

Small towns will not get away from this either. While they may not have HOA presidents (although today it seems more and more are having these crop up) they do have small town mayors, small town cops and in many cases, those are the types that for some reason seem to be on some power trip even today. 

Can you imagine if the SHTF and a mayor and the small town police force starts taking charge in this "time of emergency"? And for the better of all, decides everyone must contribute what they have to a community coffer? And when you refuse... what do you think happens then?

Sadly, I have personally seen this occur around the world in more places I can tell you. What is even worse? The fact is, it WILL happen here even faster than it does in third world countries.

Yes, here in the good ole USA, society will collapse and people will turn on each other 10x faster than in any third world country. Why? Simple. We have it too easy, too convenient and we are lazy with all the technologies and access to modern convenience.

Our high and mighty advanced culture will not know what to do with itself and it has no understanding and no longer the knowledge on how to even survive.

And because of that very thing, one of the first things you will see are a whole LOT of people in complete and utter denial. They will refuse to even see the problem professing how it will be all fixed in a couple days, how the government will get help to them in a day or two and how all of this 'nonsense' will just be over before we know it.

More people than you can ever imagine will simply stay stuck in what is called 'normalcy bias' and they will actually look at people like us as the real threat. Yep, WE will become the threat to them and it will get worse when we refuse to help them later on because they will 'expect' us to give them what we labored and stored away for just this situation.

They will demand it, in fact. And at some point, will probably come and try to take it by force or have others willing do so make the attempt. They will proclaim that you are hoarding and that you have no right to deny everyone else all that food you have hidden. That you have no right to have weapons and not share what you have. And even after you remind them they had every chance to prepare but THEY laughed at you when it was even suggested as if it were ludicrous and tin foil hat time.

Yes, they will come and they will try. And they will get others to join them by making you out to be the cause of all their current suffering because you planned and prepared.. and they did not.

Look at it from this perspective. 3/4 of the U.S. population now live in city and suburbia. And the small farm? Close to extinction even here in Wisconsin. Large corporate farms are the wave of the future and they are grabbing up as much land as they can get.

Out of the 1/4 of the U.S. population that still live rural, over 3/4 of THOSE actually live in small towns and COMMUTE to work someplace. in essence many still are bound by the same restrictions those in the city and suburbs are.. no land/space, everything on demand and supplied to them.

That means the remaining 1/4 of us living rural are the ONLY ones that have a chance from day one to survive... yet many of us won't, not due to being able or ready but due to all those others that come to try and take what we have.. and they WILL. They will come, of that have NO doubt.

Let's figure that out in numbers. 340 million people in the U.S.A.
(I am going to use approximate numbers cause I am too lazy to do the math right now LOL)

190 million live in the city or suburbs. 20 million live in rural towns but still commute to work and rely on the 'system' to live and survive. 6 million are in prison.

So that leaves 24 million people that truly live rural. But there is more.

Of that 24 million, 4 million of those are just people that moved rural, live in nice homes with a view etc etc.. Not the type to think in terms of the space being self sufficient for food, water etc.

Which leaves 20 million of us that do. From remaining small farmers to families that grow food and have learned the old ways handed down from family, 20 million of us have the means to survive a SHTF scenario...

Where do you think the other 320 million Americans are going to go when the SHTF after the first week passes?

And even if all 20 million of us rural people wanted to help, we cannot. It is just not possible for 20 million of us to support 320 million others.

Now add winter to that...

and then add government martial law units AND gangs and groups that band together to take what they want or need to survive..

... and I don't just mean gangs and groups of thugs banding together to come take what we have.... 

No, I mean PEOPLE. Regular, used to be people. Teachers, lawyers, corporate ceo's, wives, school bus drivers, starbucks and walmart workers, welfare people... doctors, nurses... need I go on?

It is people that will ALSO form into these gangs and they will be just as demanding, just as deadly as if they were of the gangs and thugs we see out on the streets today.

You will see those that use to be law abiding form into these very gangs and they will forget who they were and become something all together worse. And they will do whatever it takes losing any humanity they had to do so for survival.

And in the winter THIS will be as big a threat as the cold will be, if not more. Why? Because they HAVE to move and find supplies, shelter, water and gear. Unlike warm weather where they can take their time, maybe try some other things for themselves (hunting, fishing, seeds, etc), in the winter they have only one choice and one way to survive.. find what they can and do whatever they have to do to get it... and they will not allow anyone or anything to keep them from it. 

In many cases, they will literally destroy that which could have helped them and many others live for years. They will do that because of the 'right now' mentality. They won't think about the farmer they just killed so they could get to his canned food. They won't think that his seeds could have given them much more food than the few jars in the cellar. And so they will destroy and take and in a few weeks, end up dying anyway because of it.

Some people still hang on to the belief that people will rise up and help each other overall.. that the good of humanity will be what comes of it, not what I described.

If we were still back in the 1940's and 50's or earlier, I would completely agree with you.

Not today. Today, as I said, people have become indifferent to each other. Some of us still have what we would hope for in our rural communities, that is true. But there is not enough of this lifestyle and our kind of people to keep it during SHTF situations.

People WILL turn on each other outside our communities in the big cities, suburbs and sadly, even some small towns.

The ONLY chance we will have of surviving as a whole, will be for those of us that do understand this, to survive so that when all the dust settles, all the killing stops, we can pick up the pieces, come out of our hidey holes and try to put some of the pieces back together again.

I truly wish society was still like it was back in the 40's and 50's. A SHTF event in our country in the past brought people together. The great depression proved it could happen. People came together and helped others in need in this country.

But today? Things and society are so very much different. 

Common sense should tell us that today with our reliance on technology, convenience and the "Just in Time" supply and economy, once things truly do run out, say a week to ten days at most, when that happens.. everything and everyone will be all for themselves... and they will stop at nothing or no one to survive.

Today, we see disasters occur here and there.. tornados.. hurricanes... fires.. flooding. And people do step up and help each other.. However, you MUST remember one HUGE point about that.. these are small regional disasters. And for most people across our country, they are but a headline blurb on the news forgetting during the next days meeting.

What I am talking about here, is a nationwide and even global SHTF and collapse. One that DOES impact every single person regardless of where you live, how much money you have, your status in life or how famous you are... There is a huge difference between regional and relatively localized disasters and something of a SHTF nature.. and you must consider that in your thought process.

Only those that do survive will determine the future.. It will either be one where people once again rise to the occasion and bring society back.. . or one where the future becomes as dystopian as the numerous movies and novels portray of which you can read and watch today.

And remember.... as I said earlier... what I have written here is not fiction or make believe.. I have seen it for real in more countries than you can imagine in recent years... This IS real. it is not make believe....

What do you think?