Hi all,

WARNING:  This is a LONG post with a lot of information but you will understand why once you read through it -- if you read through it completely... ;-)

Let me give you a bit of background on who I am so you have an idea of where I am coming from and why I am doing what I am doing.. why I wrote this long winded post....  and then offer you another resource for preparing, training, ideas if you are interested..

Let me tell you a little factual story you can now look up online for yourself... after that I will tell you a bit about who I am and some ideas I have and why...      This post is long but I want you to have all the information and understand my thoughts regarding this..

This will hopefully explain why I am putting together a resource that I hope will help all of you in your preparations for a SHTF scenario.

Five (5) months ago there was the release of a small obscure media story on many major media outlets that was released by the government talking about something that occurred 2 years PRIOR to the release of the story a few months ago.. an event that actually occurred in July of 2012.  An event that was so serious and that we came so close to having occur, over half the planet would have been wiped out in an instant.  

This is not a story about fiction, this ACTUALLY occurred and most of the worlds population even now with the release of the information, is still NOT aware that it even happened.

I was part of a project that was designed and implemented for just this kind of event or situation.  I was there when this event occurred, so thus you need to realize this really did happen.

That event WAS and is probably the most serious and the closest we have come to an actual space borne E.L.E. event in our current lifetime.  The event was a massive solar flare that, had it hit the planet, it is estimated now that it would have been 100 x or more severe and more powerful than the Carrington flare event in the late 1880's.

What most in the public, unless they happened upon those small news stories that came out about 5 months ago on most major media outlets, did not know was that the event occurred TWO (2) years prior, in the summer of 2012.    It came within a hair breath of hitting us head on... and it was not known at that time for the first 24 - 48  hours or so whether it would hit or miss us.  I can tell you that the government purposely made the decision to not disclose anything to the public.  Events were set in motion that day that would cause you to fall out of your chair if you had known... and then gone running for your preparations, bug out sites etc.

Again this is not some tale.. this is fact and you can look it up yourself now online from numerous legitimate sources.... including our own government.

For some reason, 5 months ago, the government released this information.. Why they decided to do so 2 years after the event, I have no idea.  But they have, which is why I can publicly write about it now.   As I write this I wonder how many of you were/are unaware of it as of this writing.   I can tell you, and you will understand why and how, that I knew as the event was unfolding because I was part of a project preparing for just such a thing.

To continue, released to the media a few months ago by our own government was Information that basically said: " oh, btw, 2 years ago the Earth was almost hit with a direct impact E.L.E. level solar flare that would have not only wiped out all electrical systems - EVEN those hardened military systems against such a thing - but pretty much would have sent the planet to the stone age, IF it even survived at all.  On July 23, 2012, a massive, and potentially E.L.E., solar superstorm (solar flare, coronal mass ejection, solar EMP) barely missed Earth, this according to NASA and a number of other government entities.  This event was on a direct impact course and for that first 48 hours, even I was terrified out of my wits...  I have been in combat more than once, and that feels like nothing compared to what I felt when this was happening.  I now know the absolute feeling of helplessness.. of being unable on my own to even do anything to survive it. In addition to this and as of this writing, there is an estimated 12% chance of a similar event occurring between now and 2022 based on current data as I sit here and write this.

Following that event, a second event on August 31, 2012 occurred as well producing a long prominence/filament of solar material that had been hovering in the Sun's atmosphere, the corona.  It too erupted out into space at 4:36 p.m. EDT, of which they have and you can find online actual pictures of.  I do not know the size of this event off the top but I do know it too grazed the planet with major solar particles.

The 2012 flare was estimated to have a rating of well over X-50 in size and power.  (for those who do not know, these events are on a scale, A-class minor through X-class severe/extreme).  The Carrington event in the late 1800's was estimated to be in the high X-20+ class rating, if I remember correctly.    The 2012 event still retains a lot of information not readily available to the public, but data then indicated that event to be well above the Carrington event in strength by a large magnitude.

Initially the event appeared to be on a steady course to hit us head on, dead center.  It was 2-3 days before it was known whether it would hit us head on and trust me, there were a LOT of very frantic people those days.

It would have killed and destroyed everything on whichever side of the planet it had direct impacted... and for everyone else, life would have instantly become a living hell. Oh, and btw,  As you now know, it was decided not to tell anyone while plans and procedures were implemented for moving primary government and military assets underground.

The news story does not mention many other facts of those few days.. but enough was released that anyone who saw and read the release 5 months ago, should have woken up to the fact a SHTF scenario is not just a real possibility, but most likely probable.   Some wonder why they even bothered to finally release the fact the planet almost died two years ago for real...   The reason is very simple.. They had to.  While the government is corrupt, power hungry and much more, it is also very set in following procedures to the letter in most things..  I.E. follow exactly the letter of the law, no more, no less.. they purposely walk a fine line when it comes to that, more than anyone has any idea.  They also had to release it because too many people knew about it.

This should tell you that the decision has already been made as to whether the worlds population will ever be told ahead of time of an E.L.E. (Extinction level event).  They have no intention of telling us.  For the worlds population, we will find out as it occurs.

This is just one event I am privy too that I can talk about.. there have been others... which have occurred or may occur and why I am writing this and what this post is about.  Let me tell you a little bit about me now and where I am going with all this.

My name is Todd and I was born and raised in Mazomanie, Wi.   In 1981 I went active duty United States Navy starting out in guided missile destroyers as a Sonar Technician Surface.  Later into my career I also served as a Military Police Officer and then went into special operations. I have also worked twice between/during military assignments as a sworn Deputy Sheriff in whatever location I was at the time, most recently Kansas.  

I have been many places, seen many things and have had extensive training in numerous fields, especially survival.  More important though, I have had many chances to use that training in real world environments and have been able to use and test more items, more products and more techniques than the average person could ever afford to do or even dream of.

About 4 months ago I returned to Wisconsin after retiring due to my injuries for good. I had just spent 3 years on a stint that took me to a Kansas missile silo complex where I was asked to plan, design, train and implement a full combat tactical team, complex defensive planning and infrastructure and subsequent implementation of that.  

My mandate was to not only design and setup an entire defensive system and infrastructure for the complex but to find, equip and train an entire tactical security  and combat defense team, armored vehicles, weapons, armories and more.  I also once again served as a Cloud County Kansas Deputy Sheriff during that period in addition, which actually became a mandated requirement of the team due to the authority of power of arrest granted and needed for the position of team members... and as time would tell, became a necessary need.

I was in the middle of this assignment when the 2012 flare event occurred. And we knew about it and were able to implement one of our protocols for that scenario.  I had designed things to operate at a staged level alert.  From level 5 being nothing going on all the way up to level 2 which means you have 24 hours to arrive before the complex is sealed up to level 1 where personnel are notified the blast doors are now sealed and they are to hole up in place until the event occurs and the situation can be assessed and a plan implemented to bring them in. And I can tell you it was a hectic period for those few days as we prepared to seal up.  From notification of personnel to going into full on tactical alert, weapons and gear activation, and more, I won't forget that for a long time to come.

We went into full radiation monitoring, activation of certain protocols and more.  Everything from certain units carrying radiation detectors to stage one air handling NBC protection systems activation to bringing up hydro and aqua-ponics systems.. it became real very fast for all of us.  That was also the first time we closed the dual 20 ton armored blast doors for a real event and went into full on tactical alert... and the full complex was not even completed yet.. In fact I only had 1/2 of my team and maybe 1/3 of all the supplies, equipment, gear, weapons, ammo etc that is now stored there.. It took another 2 years after this event to actually bring the complex online fully and in a ready state of 100% and that was about 5 months ago.

(BTW, for those interested, I will have a location where I will post pictures and information about what I was part of at some time in the future on my website listed below.  Nothing classified of course but once I do post them, they are pretty interesting and will afford you to see the capabilities of the complex, what we had and even the 'toys' I played with every day)

4 months ago, I completed that assignment having spent these last years as the Team Lead of the Tactical Security Defense Team of the project.  And although I was given the option to remain for as long as I wanted (which also afforded me and my family a safe location to hole up in during a SHTF scenario), because of my current injuries which have become a pain in the .. well everything.. and being newly married, I decided it was time to finally come home back to Wisconsin for good.   I also found myself more and more coming to the conclusion I needed to prepare myself and my family for the future... and I could not do that while on the project.  The only question ... what the hell was I going to do with my time back home for good being I am only 51.

As for what I gave up leaving.. well, my hope is that I will find a group of like minded people here back home that will want to seriously consider setting up our own site that we build, stock and maintain in readiness for our families use in the future.  And I figure even if we get lucky and in my life time such a facility or place here is not used, it will be  an investment for our future generations because someday, for sure, perhaps by our children or their children, it will be needed.   

After all it is not IF such an event occurs on this planet but when.  But that is for another discussion I hope soon to have with others that have considered such a thing.  Finding a group to be part of who trust each other and are willing to vest into such an endeavor is something I hope to find.. but not something to take or do on a whim nor is it even required.  However, I have the advantage and real world experience of having already done it and been part of such a thing.. now I would like to do it for myself and my family with a like minded group because when you do this with others, it makes it much easier to do and has other benefits like having others that can help with the work load, planning etc.

I will not go into further in detail on what I want to do for my family - this is one area I will not compromise on, especially publicly.  But I can tell you that taken with thinking outside the box and other information I have been privy too, I learned that not only being prepared but having an actual hidden seal-able protected place to go into is something everyone can actually do or have without needing to be rich or even well off... and the surprising part, it can be self sustained in food, water, power and for emotional and psychological comforts...  

It would have to be protected for radiation, biological and chemical events as well..  and even more surprising anyone coming across it would, even if they did see or find it, have no idea what they were looking at let alone any idea how to enter it.    The only high cost issue would be regarding the nuclear, biological and chemical protection aspect.   It would depend on how much protection you want and whether you think it is necessary to have.

Don't get me wrong, I am not adverse to sharing everything, just not specifics for my own family or the design of what I mentioned regarding shelter/bug out location.  I will say it is not based on natural formations, i.e. caves or underground caverns nor is it one of those pre-made underground bunkers many companies are now selling.  It is man made but ingenious in implementation and capability.  The original concept came from a close friend and I have further added to and modified the idea based on what I have learned while part of the missile silo project.

Only those I trust implicitly will I ever consider disclosing that kind of information to and then only because we probably formed a mutual group with the intent of riding it out together which would bring the need to increase capacity and supplies.  I mean after all if I described it in detail, someone could look up where someone owned land and then they would know what to look for.. meaning they eventually would most likely find it.  That is why this one point I will keep to myself.   Even if someone looked up what land I owned, they would not find anything without specific information... well unless you have x-ray vision and can see into and through everything.

Anyhow, after much thought and a lot of prodding I decided that helping others, teaching others and passing along that knowledge I was given was something I could do without compromising my plans or families preparations, not only to help where I can, but to also give me something to occupy myself.  In light of the fact that like many, I see where things are headed.  And I have seen what will truly will come to pass when the next potential event occurs in terms of what our government will do.

My position and responsibilities afforded me access to information that the public is not privy too and when you combine that with what is available, suffice it to say, being prepared is not just a hobby but something that people need to be doing now more than ever before.  I retain access to information not readily available to the general public although I need to refrain from full disclosure to insure I keep that access.  I have every intention of continuing to use that advantage and information access within the the law and the oath I have taken.

After trying to figure out the best way to do this, I decided that the first step was to create a resource that people could access easily for information and so I created a new website and am slowly adding content and information.  I have been told that something I should also offer is some kind of training course(s) for people interested in the knowledge and training I have.  It yet remains to be seen whether I take things to that level or whether there is even an interest in something like that.  But I have put the website online and have begun to add information for people to use.

So that is a bit of who I am and my thoughts for my future... and why I am doing what I am doing and why I am writing this post.  We do not know what the future holds but I personally have no doubt, something is coming.   It could be another solar event.  It could be a viral mutation and outbreak.  It could be another world war, this time with the inclusion of nuclear fallout.  Or it could be something right here at home which seems to becoming more likely each day that passes, an economic collapse and loss of our Constitutional Republic.

Personally, my opinion is that any one of these events is a real possibility in our near future.   And while we are at the mercy of time and a 'trigger' for any one of these possibilities occurring, what I am more concerned about is that it seems as if we are inclined to be pushed into an event by the actions of those in charge and in control.  A Solar event or other earth based event is not something that can be controlled... at least I hope.  Which means those remain a random hit or miss possibility.   

However, economic, viral, nuclear and similar events CAN be controlled or initiated by someone in power.  And the quickest way to set off one of those is by using a random natural event as the trigger.  I.E. a major solar flare or asteroid, volcanic or earthquake  event giving them the push to initiate some mass casualty event that would let them declare martial law, make preparations and be able to pick up the pieces afterward thus allowing them to control the populations in whatever manner they desire.  In essence use one event to initiate the launch or control of another thus putting them in a position to pick up the remaining pieces.

And believe me when I tell you, our government HAS and DOES game out these scenarios for real. Actual changes have been made to our military forming units specifically trained and tasked for these scenarios.  They have and continue to plan for just such possibilities.  And they not only do this by preparation of supplies and infrastructure, but by personnel movement, training, selection and staging.  I can also tell you, if you are not already aware, some of the largest corporations are part of this whole package.  The 'inner circle' of power at the top, if you will, is made up of people at the top levels of government, military and major corporations and wealth.

If the people knew what is really happening within government and corporate planning scenarios, we would see a march on the government and on some well know major companies the likes of which has never before been seen.   And the hard part of this for people like me is that we cannot prove it without hard evidence - which of course we cannot get our hands on or we would find ourselves 'disappeared' were we to try and put our hands on and take.  Nor are most of us willing to talk about that which we do know, 1) because we cannot prove it other than by word, 2) oaths that we have taken and 3) not willing to be 'disappeared' by opening our mouths.

What we can do though is talk about it like this and make our own plans and do so without stepping across any line, breaking any law or oath we took.  It is up to the people to decide whether they find the information truthful or not and within the realm of possibility.  Only you can decide how to use the information and whether it is reasonable or not.

It is a bit ironic though.. the best defense the government and the corporations have is not the threat of what they could do to those that speak out.  No, their best defense and best weapon is the population as a whole itself combined with some loud mouth conspiracy nuts out there.   On the one hand we are talking conspiracy theory here.  Yet go out on the internet and you will find nutcase land.  People that have just gone off the deep end, in my opinion.  

Conspiracies where 75% of the human population is now under alien control or where 99% of all governments are actually alien inhabited humans.  Conspiracies where governments are beaming harmful rays into peoples brains on a daily basis that cause them to be under total and complete remote control.  Conspiracies where Elvis is still alive... Hitler is still running nazi-land and obama is the anti-christ... well maybe that one is true... ;-)

My favorites, and sorry for anyone who actually believes this stuff, but these conspiracies about how 9/11 was actually accomplished by setting off nuclear warheads inside the buildings (not sure how those of us who saw it with our own eyes survived in the middle of a nuclear explosion core though, were not radiated and that did not EMP everything in sight) while holographic aircraft images were flown into the building to fool everyone... or how there is actually an alien base on the dark side of the moon and we have a working space base there (think, the men in black movies).

Because of this, the government has the perfect defense against actual truth and things said by others like myself... Most normal people with common sense hear these ridiculous theories and chalk it up to some nutcase of the day... and then others like me who actually have real information are then looked at in the same light..  In essence they (government/corporate entities) can just chalk up what you or I might say as just another delusion... and normal common people then look at all of it the same way.   Psychological warfare at its best.. and no government is better at it than our own.

I was always taught that actions speak louder than words.  And that will explain why I have chosen to 'act' in the manner I have and will be discussing here.  I am bound by my oath and I will do nothing to break the law nor disclose classified information.  But I can make my decisions and choose the actions I take based on what I do know, what I was a part of or what I have experienced in my own life.  And you can take the information and make your own decisions.. or chalk it up to just another case of 'out there' conspiracy crap.

For me personally, I try to use common sense combined with facts that can be checked openly.  When you consider everything taking place today, well it remains easily within the realm of possibility that something is in the works.   Here is one example...  

Economically our country is on the verge of full on collapse.  We have national debt load that cannot be paid off even if they took everyone's paycheck for the next 20 years and applied it to the debt.   And it cannot be sustained.  So how do you 'fix' it?  You can't.  All you can do is get a clean slate and start fresh...  and the only way to do that?   Something must occur that opens the door.  Something that causes the system to collapse affording those in power with the ability to implement major change AND seize full on oversight and control of the population.  Such an event would 'force' the powers that be to implement martial law thereby suspending Constitutional rights.   They (the government) would be 'forced' to do this by the 'people' who expect and, yes, would demand the government come save them... come 'do something' to 'fix it' and protect them.

And any event could be used to implement this plan.  Solar event, earthquakes, viral outbreak.  This is why we are in such dangerous times.  Any one event can and will allow those in power to initiate their plan.. and they will do so, of that you can have no doubt, when the one 'trigger' event occurs that has the population screaming for help.

Such an event would also cause a large part of the population to die off leaving the remaining numbers more easily controlled.  Such an event would see those in power ride out the event in a secure stocked location to then emerge after a period of time to re-exert control over a beaten down broken country and population.  At which time, of course, they have their 'clean slate' and can implement their ideas of the future.  

Those of us remaining will have done so because we prepared and were able to revert back to the way our forefathers lived.. self-sustainment using methods of those past days when life was much simpler and people fed themselves.  When you consider 75% of the population in our country does not have the means and, more important, does not have the knowledge on how to live that way.. well there you have your major die off because that is exactly what would happen to those not able to take care of themselves.

After the event and after a period of time depending on the type of initial trigger event, those in control would return to try and exert control and their new government on those that do remain.  Trust me when I say they will not come out of their holes and once again follow the Constitution.  America would no longer exist.. and neither would the Constitution.

So for me personally, it is not a matter of IF the day comes but when.   And I have also decided a few other things.  First, I will do whatever I must to ensure my family is taken care of.  Next after that, I will do what I can to help others and keep others informed since I am and have been privy to information not easily or readily available to most.  Third, my oath which even though I am no longer active, is something I will always stand by as long as it does not interfere with my family or what God expects of me.  

For me, something has to let go.  We cannot continue on the path we are on.   But I do not just base things on one possible situation in my preparations.  I consider all possible reasonable things that could occur at any given time based on common sense and on data that is available for most to find if they look.

I have no idea what or if any of it will happen.  However I believe in God and I believe in myself and what I have personally seen and witnessed.  And for me, something just feels off.. something is not right - and we are headed toward it at break neck speed.  There is no explanation when you look at everything as a whole.  The building of numerous new underground facilities, the building of 20+ 'ARC' locations containing everything from seeds to DNA to things we probably do not know about all over the world but mainly in arctic locations of permafrost, Fusion Centers, FEMA "residential centers" which that are obviously prisons to hold people IN, the ordering of large quantities of supplies, materials, ammo, weapons, and other gear.  And of course this massive continuing spending spree and printing of money that makes no sense.. nor discloses where all that money is being put since the debt and budget continue to rise exponentially every day.. I could go on with the list..

Or how about the more mundane things... something everyone can see for themselves..  a government that is spending money like there is no tomorrow.. and when they run out, they print more.  And although you hear stories or complaints from certain politicians once in a while, there is NO concerted effort at all to stop it or even slow it down.  It is as if they know they do not need to worry about balancing the budget or finding a way to pay it back..

These are just a grain of sand compared to so many other things being done, changes being implemented and moves our government and major corporations are making and  doing.  And this does not count all of the things that most civilians are not aware they are doing but military and others can attest too..   

They have pulled back funding on so many things...  NASA, new military hardware research and design, military training, Military personnel, education, infrastructure (roads, bridges etc) and so much more..   Or from a military view, this major move to bring as many of our combat troops home as possible from all OVER the globe, cutting forces everywhere that are out of country and then reducing the ranks by discharging thousands of military personnel in an increasing manner.  

Think about that for a moment..  we military have noticed how they have made major changes to reduce the number of overseas units and to accomplish part of that, they have increased the times of deployments of all units they do send out while reducing the NUMBER of units deployed.  They have also been dramatically reducing troops in numbers, thereby not having to cover those costs as well.  Have any of you noticed the reluctance of the government to deploy combat equipment and troops to take care of an OBVIOUS and growing major threat overseas?   ISIS!  What about the Russia and the Ukraine situation and backing our Nato allies?   Even the situation with a nuclear Iran has just become a dribble of reaction.

What is it that is causing the government to do everything in its power to stall sending over what is needed to handle those situations?  It is like they are doing everything they can, coming up with any reason they can find to NOT send units out of country.  

They send over a few drones, some aircraft and they do some bombing of targets and hype the heck out of it to show they are doing something.. an appeasement to show they are doing something to fight the threats growing every day...  Yet, in reality, it is but a pittance.. enough to make it look like they are doing something to satisfy the media and the people while at the same time continuing to pull back more and more units in every theater... 

And they do this while stalling more and more every day from sending real forces and equipment over to really take care of the problems growing each day with ISIS, Russia and Iran so we can stop it from growing into an even more serious threat. 

Some use the excuse that it is funding.. the less they do, the less money needed in those areas.. yet again, the budget and the money involved remains and grows... where is that money going then?   With all these cuts and reductions of deployed units, equipment purchases and more, the military budget should be shrinking by leaps and bounds...  yet it is at the same levels as it has been since 9/11!   In fact recently it just INCREASED again!   So where is that money going?  

Something is really off..   With all the cuts in those areas, not only should the budget be going down that is needed to pay for that stuff but it should be causing the deficit and overall budget to fall..  yet it continues to grow!

Funding for so many things has been just slashed to the bone.. yet when you then think about that known fact you have no choice but to then ask the next question...  if they have cut so much funding from all that stuff, where the hell is the money going that they cut while we continue to spiral deeper and deeper into debt while printing boat loads of money every month? 

In my mind, the question just leaps out, what is it they are getting ready for?   

When I look at all the changes, all the decisions, all the moves the government is and continues to make, something is up.   When you look at all of the data as a whole, no one thing points to one definitive thing.  But as a whole, it becomes evident to me that there is some plan in motion.  Some thing they are preparing and prepared for or getting ready to implement.

The data is too fragmented for us to figure out exactly what it is or where it is all leading.. but regardless of what fragmented path you follow, they all end up in the same direction leading to the same conclusion, in my opinion.  

Then throw in all the really out there conspiracies nuts and their garbage and it just muddies the water even more... leaving the public to have no choice but to believe what they are told by those in power and those with the money.

And so this has led to the choices I have made and continue to make.  And part of that is to help others in what manner I am able.  To pass along information and to pass along my training and experience to those that are taking steps to be prepared.

And so to start, I set up the new website and will go from there.  The new website is located at (http://www.disastereventpreparation.com/).  I am NOT, repeat, I am NOT selling anything.  I am NOT asking for anything.  There are NO advertisements, no endorsements, no products I am selling.  It is for information and as a resource to help others that may be interested in what I can pass along.   It is one of those things I know I must do that I CAN do without compromising my principals, my oath or anything else,  and let's me continue to follow the path I am on.

While there is much to be added to the site, things that you will be able to find include how to do things, information about being prepared for different situations, information on tools and supplies I use, own and have tested extensively.  I am working on it slowly adding new information.  Any suggestions are welcome as well.

One caveat to this that may change in the future... I am writing a software program that contains tools, information and training aids directly related to survival in numerous environments.   I have been actually creating this tool for my own and my families use when the SHTF.  It will run on PC or any android based device.    Some have suggested I release this in the future as a tool for others to also use.   As of this writing, I have NOT made any such decision but in the interest of truth and disclosure, that possibility does exist that someday I may do so as a purchasable software product and tool.  That is NOT the intent of the website however, to be used to sell things.

Since I brought it up, here is a bit of information regarding the app..  I would love suggestions for more capabilities and use I can build in.   I wanted something that I could use to quickly reference data, i.e. basic things like how to purify water, how to build shelters, traps etc.  Something I could use to measure distance, navigate or use as a direct survival tool.  I wanted a tool that would help me keep my preparations, my plans for movement, defense, and inventory.   

There is all sorts of information out there you can find regarding some of these subjects.  But it is all over the place AND how would you access it when the internet is gone?

Think of it as a swiss knife of survival that I could carry on my phone or tablet or use on my laptop that would allow me at a glance to pull up an inventory of how much stored beans and rice by date I have in stock or would allow me to check my security perimeter cameras at a glance or would allow me to look up reference material and data on the fly...  There are a lot of websites and a lot of material out there for prepping.  But I wanted something for personal use at the tip of my fingers I can carry with me and be able to pull up without needing the internet at all.  Something I control regarding what information it contains.  And something I can easily add or remove information too.

I currently use the inventory control part to cycle through my ammo, what I have and the age as well as my food stores.   And I have used the bug out planner to setup different plans for what my family needs to do depending on the situation they find themselves in.  It produces not only the information they need for being safe while traveling, but routes, what to watch for, what to avoid and more.  And they can print out the plans should they want to as well.   Plans can be modified or updated too.

I also wanted something that they could use to stay safe.. I.E. what if they cannot get here or are stuck.. there is a lot of reference information, choices and suggestions on what to do under certain circumstance and more I have built into the app and the plans.

For example, my daughters live all over now but the main plan calls for us to all meet at a final location.  They can pull up a plan based on whether they are in a car or at home and based on what ever the event is (nuclear, emp, viral etc).  It tells them what do so for each situation, what gear to use and more.  They then follow the steps of that plan to reach our bug out spot etc.   

If communications are still online, they can then send messages among ourselves if we have wireless access to our phones and can show each others location and which plan they are following (and yes it takes into account being under duress or compromised so someone else cannot just follow the plan right to our doorstep)... but more than that, as long as access exists the app will show each persons location on a map so I can look at a glance where all my family is at that moment.  

When the network goes down we lose that global ability but can still be used locally within reach of our home network. I.E. we can see each others location within 100 yards of our location as long as the phone or tablet or laptop can still talk to the bug out location main wireless node.  A good use of this is when we someone is on watch on the perimeter.. we can see exactly where they are to come and aid them if they are in trouble.  

And of course at the bug out location, it can be used to send direct instant messages as long as we have power at the site.  We can pull up our wireless cameras including night vision systems.   There is much more in the app... contacts lists, vehicle status, and much more so you get the idea.   The app is based on something similar I wrote for my team.  That one includes the 5 level Alert system for personnel.. i.e. the command center could send out alert levels and status messages with instructions as things progressed in seriousness.   

Anyhow, that I would release this new 'personal' version I am writing is a possibility in the future, thus at some point the website may contain information on obtaining it should I decide to do so.  That is currently the ONLY thing I can think of that would have some kind of financial attachment.   The website is not intended for that however as a primary purpose but under full disclosure that possibility is there.

I have started adding information to the site, including some basic training videos I had done for my team (they are low production and were for training so don't expect something slick - but there is a lot of information in them about tools, items, how to create bug out packs and kits and necessary supplies etc).  

I have a lot more information to add yet to add to the site, including more video training , weapon and ammo capabilities and use, climate survival and so forth.  And I am working a few hours every week now to increase what is on the site in that regard.  Since I am designing and building the website myself and since all material is my own design and implementation it takes time for me to get things done but it is steady in its progress.  It is not only the content but the actual site I am working as well so bear with it as I do so..  So far it does seem to be coming together pretty well.

If any of you are interested, please feel free to use the site as a new resource, again keeping in mind it is going to take time to really bring everything live on the site.   I am also looking for suggestions for the site in terms of what kind of information people would like to see, items I have posted about and so forth.   

I decided to go with a website instead of facebook or google+ in this case because this is my own thing and I want to maintain control of the content that goes on the site.  And some of the information is my own and I don't want it out there for anyone to just use.  I also have no intent of making another site full of advertising banners, a place that is trying to sell me something or another site of just basic information that has no basis in fact or real world data.  I want this site to be informative with real information and real value in terms of the functional use.

I want people to be able to go there and learn and find resources they can actually use instead of just a place that has a bunch of links to articles, products or ideas that have never actually been tried, used or vetted in some manner.   

Everything on this site I have personally used, trained for or with, and in many cases, personally own.  My articles are written from a perspective of having actually done it, used it and/or trained with it and in many cases, still do.  I already have some listed items that I have bought or used in real world function that I recommend for people.  That is one area I think people should find helpful.  It not only lists the item and what it does but what I paid for it, how it works, its quality and whether it passes the test in terms of ruggedness, functionality and so forth.

Although I have not yet created the links on the site, I also intend on offer two newsletters to anyone that wants to receive them.  And again, not for selling anything rather covering pertinent and usable information for people in the real world.  The first newsletter will be for keeping in touch with people, passing along new information on the site etc.   The second however will not actually be a newsletter rather it will be more along the lines of an information or 'alert' system for people.

With the resources and information I have access to and will continue to retain, I decided to create something very much like I put together for my tactical team members, their families as well as the site complex personnel.  This 'newsletter' will actually be a notification type bulletin that will keep people apprised of events that are occurring relevant to those that prepare.  For example, I have direct access to space based data regarding both solar and solid object space based events that can impact Earth.  I have access to information regarding military status levels, current world wide situation reports and other data.

It will be used to notify recipients when an event of some major type has occurred as well as details involved and any actions it has caused.  It will also alert to government information, changes or moves related to that situation.  For example,  a nuclear event occurs.  I have access to watch for certain events.. i.e. declaration of martial law, deployment of military units, etc..  Things that I intend on alerting people about before or even IF the media ever gets involved.

Let me be clear, I will NOT be disclosing anything that would be classified nor go against the oath I have taken.  This information would be cleared and publicly available eventually....  however I have, let's just say, a network that allows me to see and obtain information ahead of time in many cases and prior to public disclosure.  And in some cases, information that the public only finds out LONG after the event has occurred.   BUT, under certain circumstance, i.e. the solar flare event I wrote about earlier in which the government never said a word about, in those cases I will notify people because in those cases people have the right to know and I highly doubt I will need worry about having visit under that kind of event emergency.

I intend to use my resources to keep people posted on alerts, events and so forth that you otherwise may not find out about until it is after the fact or too late.  I currently send a direct email to a list I have of people that I keep informed as needed on such events.  

In fact two nights ago, I ended up sending out one such major event alert to the list of people who signed up.

The latest one was for a 'possible' nuclear detonation/attack/strike event that occurred in the Ukraine.  You may have heard about it now on the news.   

Video and reports started coming in about a possible event around 1 am in Ukraine of a nuclear explosion.  I was able to immediately contact my network and sources and then quickly able to have the information vetted.  I started monitoring things and apprised everyone on the list of the event.  I was quickly able to learn that while the event was huge, it was not nuclear.  It was hours later before anything about that event showed up on the internet or on major media so in many cases I am able to pass along information, confirmed or debunked for things like this.

Anyhow, for those of you that actually read through this entire thing... you have won a prize!   ;-)  Just kidding.  

Sorry for how long it was but I wanted to be clear about what I was saying and why.

Please feel free to comment or contact me should you be interested.  Hopefully some of what I can offer and teach will be found useful by you..  and if not, well it is out there if anyone does want to use it.


You can reach me easiest via email and you can talk to me or sign up for alerts via that account as well: