Over time I have come to develop a number of tools, plans and gear for use that I am now offering available to everyone.  This page will list these items and how to obtain and/or purchase them in certain cases.

Some of these items are free to everyone, a few have a nominal charge since they do cost me to produce them.

The list of items includes but is not limited too:

  • PC and Android based Survival Toolkit :  I have been working on a software program/package that will run on any standard PC or any standard Android device or tablet.  The application contains extensive information on how to survive just about any disaster you can think of.  It contains a huge range of information from surviving in harsh conditions to growing food to defense positioning to weapons to making traps and much more.  In addition the software including numerous books and documents directly discussing survival including how to make shelter, how to make fire, how to survive extreme cold or heat, and many more things people do not think about in these situations.  Included in the package are tools that allow you to create plans for you and your family, i.e. what to do in different situations, where to meet up, where to go etc.  It contains tools allowing you to manage your supplies and inventory of survival gear.  It contains numerous tools that will help you prepare, keep prepared and monitor your preparations so at a glance you know what you have, how much you have and where it is located.

  • Pre-made/pre-designed Survival Packs and kits:  In addition, I also offer pre-made/pre-designed tactical survival kits for sale.  As I continue to add to this website, I will start listing those items as well.  The tactical survival kit contains enough capability to keep someone alive on the move for a month as well as containing enough ammo and gear to defend against any threat you may come across.   These kits come in a number of sizes and styles, all inclusive with all the gear.  They are great to store away ready to grab and go.  In addition I will also offer kits that are perfect for taking with you anywhere, even short trips to town.  These smaller grab and go kits contain enough food, water, ammo and other survival gear to easily sustain one person for a week or more yet are sized so you can carry them with a shoulder strap or even attached to your belt.

Real life training courses designed to teach you and/or your family survival techniques.   Everything from extreme weather survival to personal defense planning to perimeter layout and defenses.   Additionally courses will help you design actual preparation plans and supply needs as well as make recommendations on preps you already have.

Courses include but are not limited too:

  • A course where you learn to survive in warm weather conditions in the outdoors remaining hidden and undetected against any possible threat.  You (and your family if applicable) will pack your kit and live in the conditions found in a real world scenario. You will learn about living off the land, staying dry, hidden, undetected and more.  You will learn how to make shelter, create fire, find water, set traps and even defensive techniques against attackers.

  • Another course will cover the same basics as the warm weather course listed above however this one will be held during winter months in the outdoors.  You will learn how to survive cold weather outdoors and how to stay alive, fed, hydrated and more.  Winter survival is not something most preppers and survival types think about.  It is also the most probable time that most people will die due to the cold, lack of food sources and lack of shelter. This course will teach you how to be one of those that does survive.

  • Courses will also be offered that teach specific areas.  I.E. trap making, edible and medicinal plant life, shelter building, and more.

I will post more in the coming weeks as once I am ready to post the information on how to get them.