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​The Survivalist!

This website is designed and run by a United States Navy Service Connected Disabled Veteran.   He has also served in law enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff.   More recently, he was the Team Lead for the Tactical Security Team for the Raven Ridge Missile and Survival Condo Complex in central Kansas.  His expertise was used to design and facilitate the overall defenses, tactics and capabilities of the missile silo complex and the 16 member tactical team he formed as an onsite security force.

Using his training and real world military experience, he designed and equipped everything for the site from the armories to the combat vehicles and complex perimeter.  Recently he resigned to move back to his home state of Wisconsin where he now prepares his family and others for the future and for any disaster events that may come to pass.

Due to numerous injuries incurred in his careers, he is now retired and dedicates his time to teaching others skills on how to survive in disaster events, combat scenarios, survival situations and does so for and in all weather conditions.

While serving both in the military and later as Team Lead at Raven Ridge, he has had the chance to utilize in real world situations all of the equipment, tools, supplies and abilities you will find on this website.  Much of what you will find on this website was tested thoroughly and is now in use by the Tactical Team at the Raven Ridge Missile Silo Complex.   Every item or article found on this site was vetted personally by this website owner in real world use.

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     PLEASE NOTE:  Website is under construction!

     PLEASE NOTE:  Website is under construction!

Disaster Preparations & Survival

Wisconsin, United States